About Us

Officers & Directors

Jason Pettit, President, Tri-County
Jason Smith, Vice-President, Rainbow
Brian Davied, Director, Craw-Kan Telephone
Todd Houseman, Director, United Telephone Association
Jill Kuehny, Director, KanOkla Networks
Shana Rains, Director, Madison Telephone/MT Netowkrs


Our Purpose

SITA's purpose has always been to continue the established partnership relationship between all of the rural telecommunications companies, regardless of size, and to continue restoring the dignity of the independents by proving that they have personnel who are as experienced and capable as anyone within the industry in providing quality telecommunications service to Kansas. SITA advocates on behalf of its members, both at the state and national level, and serves as a liaison between its member companies and other industry members, offering educational and networking opportunities through spring, annual, and various other meetings.

Our History

In September of 1961 a few Kansas independent telephone companies formed a truly independent telephone association, which changed the telephone industry forever. Some of the original organizers of SITA were: Joseph B. Chilen of Pioneer Telephone Association, David J. McKay of Golden Belt Telephone Association, Pat Hurd of Wheat State Telephone, John Frerichs of Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative, C.K. Nelson of Rural Telephone Service Company, and James M. Caplinger, who was SITA's executive manager. Colleen Jamison is the executive manager. SITA's membership expanded rapidly and its unity brought success. SITA has received national acclaim and recognition for bringing together the efforts of independents as a cohesive force for the common interests of rural Kansas.

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