Zenda, Kansas
Founded 1887
Zenda is located in southern Kingman County (KM) on highway K-42.  The town sits between the highway on the south and grain elevators on the north.
Zenda Community Center is a multi-purpose facility.  It houses a small, award-winning library; the Friendship Meals program for senior citizens; and a meeting room used by community groups.  A spacious, well-maintained city park offers a tennis & basketball court and a picnic pavilion.

The paved road south out of Zenda winds its way through a surprisingly hilly and beautifully scenic route.  A forest of wind turbines stretch along ridges spinning languidly in the Kansas breeze.

Originally known as Rochester, Kansas, the community was named after Rochester, Minnesota.  It was settled in the mid-1880s but relocated in 1887 to its present position when the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (AT&SF) railway came through. With the new location, the town was renamed New Rochester.  As the United States became more connected through train, telegraph and mail service, the name Rochester in any form caused great confusion – 28 other communities across the country were using that name.  The wife of a Santa Fe conductor had read the novel The Prisoner of Zenda and thought Zenda was a pretty name.  The Post Office officially changed the name from New Rochester to Zenda on October 7, 1892. Zenda is on the old AT&SF branch line that ran to Englewood.
Over the years, Zenda had three newspapers:
· 1909-1977 Zenda Citizen 
· 1923-1939 Zenda Headlight
· 1939-1941 Zenda Zephyr

           Zenda Jail     Zenda Library     
36 Model Building Display --Zenda Mini Main Street   
Zenda Jail
Zenda Library
Painting:  Early Zenda Sod House

Places to Visit

  • Zenda's Miniature Main Street 36-Model Building Display:  Housed in a newly constructed building just west of the Museum, this work of art shows Zenda’s Main Street as it looked at the beginning of the 1900s. Each building is dollhouse-sized with the largest about 36" tall.  The models--painstakingly crafted by Bonnie Bailey, Glenn Cocherell, Virginia McGuire, Lori Bohrer, and Betty Dirks--include photographs and information about each structure by the display.  When observers stand at the end and look down Miniature Main Street, they are transported back in time. All that’s missing are the sound and the smell of horses.  
    Open by appointment only.  Phone (620) 243-7365

  • Zenda Community Museum:   Open by appointment only.  Phone (620) 243-7365
  • The Zenda Jail:  This tiny concrete box is located on the east side of Main Street across from The Lumber Yard Steakhouse.  Iron floor rings were used to shackle prisoners and can still be seen.

Annual Event: Christmas Parade  First Saturday in December starting at 1:30 PM   

City Council Meets

  • 7:00 PM
  • Second Monday of the month
  • City Hall

The Lumber Yard Steakhouse at 311 North Main is at home in the former Geo. W. Ultch Lumber Company building constructed in 1902.  Beulah and Woodrow Graber and family opened a restaurant in the building in 1993.  The old shelves hold antiques and other interesting objects; the racks that were constructed to hold nuts, bolts, and plumbing items embrace wine bottles; the old Mosler safe sits in its accustomed place.   Saturday evening menus always offer a special treat.  The Lumber Yard Steakhouse Contact Information:

  The Lumber Yard Steakhouse                              
Blasi Service, LLC          
Flat Ridge 2 Wind Farm
Nichols Cemetery


Blasi Service, LLC sells packaged sandwiches, cold drinks and chips for a quick bite to eat.

  • (620) 243-5571
  • 212 North Main, Zenda, KS  67159

Country Cottage Beauty Salon

  • (620) 243-7365
  • 1367 NW 150th Road, Zenda, KS  67159

Farmers Co-Op Equity Company

  • (620) 243-5421
  • 406 North Main, Zenda, KS  67159

St. John Parish

  • (620) 246-5370
  • Mailing Address:  8035 SW 160 Ave, Nashville, KS  67112
  • Physical Address:  109 North Ada, Zenda, KS  67159

St. Leo Catholic Church

  • (620) 246-5370
  • 8035 SW 160 Ave, Nashville, KS  67112

Zenda Friendship Meals

  • (620) 243-6211
  • 211 North Main Street, Zenda, KS  67159 

Zenda Methodist Church

  • (620) 243-6953
  • PO Box 51, 101 North Main Street, Zenda, KS  67159 

Zenda Post Office 

  • (620) 243-5041
  • 210 North Main Street, Zenda, KS  67159

Zenda Public Library

  • (620) 243-5791
  • 215 North Main Street, Zenda, KS  67159

Zenda Telephone Company

  • (620) 243-5531
  • 208 North Main, Zenda, KS  67159

    St. John's Catholic                  Zenda Post Office              United Methodist Church
  Church Founded 1909                                                              Founded 1907


  Year   Population
2010    90 
2000  123 
1990    96 
1980  146 
1928  184 


Elevation  1,663'
Latitude  3726’  32” N
Longitude  9816’  54” W
School District  USD 332
ZIP Code  67159
Area Code  (620)

Zenda City Park Pavilion
Zenda Community Center