Kingman History

Tull's Hall/New Opera House  

  • Built in 1883 and still standing
  • Theater seating on the second floor; capacity 800
  • Six sets of scenery
  • First floor:  Bank of Kingman and Magill & Symth General Merchandise
  • Second floor eventually turned into offices

  Garfield Opera House & Baltimore Hotel 

  • Opened November 10, 1887; all 1,236 seats sold out
  • 1,160 square yards of scenery painted by Prof. S. Tschundi, nationally renouned scenic artist
  • Located on West A Ave & Cedar
  • Original illumintation:  oil & gas
    Original heat:  stoves
  • Electric lighting installed in 1891
  • Opera House and part of the hotel destroyed by fire in the spring of 1910
  • Remaining structure eventually turned into appartments
  • Appartment structure razed in the 1950s

Glenn Stark Park Statues

Balking Mule and Irate Farmer:  The farmer and the mule seem to have different ideas of how the day should go.  Glenn was raised in the country and spent many hours behind a horse or mule working the fields.  It is not known if this depiction is from personal experience or if it was just his ever-present sense of humor.  Glenn grew up poor, and then the Great Depression hit, so one of his recurring sayings was, “Those who talk about the good old days either didn’t live them or are senile.” 

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